Radio Atticus 17 November 2011

Do human rights have borders? Australian Human Rights commissioner Catherine Branson answers that question in response to criticisms of mining giant Rio Tinto’s sponsorship of the commission’s human rights medal, Alex Harris, editor of Reputation Report gives us her views on that debate, and when you go on your next trip, are you getting caught in the human rights crossfire?

The Australian Human Rights Commission will in December this year, announce the winner of its Human Rights Award for 2011. But the celebrations may be soured by revelations that the company sponsoring the award, Rio Tinto, may have financed a brutal war against the native people of Bougainville — a country whose resources it was mining.

Reporter: Patrick Wright


  1. Catherine Branson QC, Director, Australian Human Rights Commission.
  2. Associate Professor Karen Bubna-Litic, specialist specialist in environmental law and corporate law at the University of South Australia.

Reporter: Justin Ellis

1. Alex Harris, editor of Reputation Report.

When you’re flying off for a well-earned holiday, you’re probably trying not to think about anything too serious. At best, some of you might offset the carbon emissions from your flight… or choose to go somewhere with impeccable ecological credentials. But have you ever paused to consider the human rights impact your holiday might be having? Well there’s now a campaign underway, urging the tourism industry to integrate a human rights approach into its business strategies.

Reporter: Sharnie Kim

1. Rachel Noble from the UK-based Tourism Concern.