Radio Atticus 9 February 2012

Outlook 2012: Will it be another year of trampling on civil liberties? Nicola Roxon as Attorney General: how will she tackle plain packaging for tobacco, Aboriginal representation in the constitution and  refugees?

Will privacy get a leg up this year, will smokers really have to butt out, and has the essence of privacy been violated through the adoption of full body scanners at Australian airports?

Reporter: Justin Ellis


  1. Tim Vines, Director, Civil Liberties Australia.

We have a newish Attorney General, and this year will really be the opportunity for Nicola Roxon to show her true colours. She is not only the first female federal Attorney General in Australia, she also comes to the job with an agenda already partly formed: plain packaging for tobacco products. How will she fare in 2012?

Reporter: Justin Ellis

1. Richard Ackland, lawyer, journalist and publisher of Justinian.