Radio Atticus 16 February 2012

Sexual apartheid – is the gay marriage push at the expense of choice? Family violence: how its defined and the Australian law Reform Commissions latest recommendations

Is the push for gay marriage obscuring the broader issue of abandoning   marriage as a state sanctioned institution? That’s the question being asked by activists across the globe as the same-sex marriage debate clouds the broader picture of relationships and what role the state should play in regulating them. With calls for what some have called a ‘civil pact’ that recognizes all long-term relationships, is the push for marriage stuck in the past?

Reporter: Justin Ellis


  1. Wayne Morgan, lecturer in law at the Australian National University.

The Gillard Government will have its hands full when implementing some of the changes recommended by a new Law Reform Commission report on family violence.  The report, launched in Parliament earlier this month by the Commonwealth Attorney General Nicola Roxon, looks at Commonwealth law and family violence. It follows an earlier report made in 2010 on the vast interactive space between state laws and the federal family law act.
Between them, the two reports contain 289 recommendations over a wide range of legislation. One of the recommendations is that a definition of family violence be introduced throughout family law legislation.

Reporter: Amarande Chauvet

1. Rosalind Croucher, President of the Australian Law Reform Commission.