Radio Atticus 3 November 2011

Animal stunning – do the rights of religious groups come before those of animals, and vice versa? And the push for asylum seekers to be allowed independent reviews of security claims.

As many as 250,000 sheep, cattle and hens a year will continue to be slaughtered in Australia without the animals being rendered unconscious before their throats are cut. After a 2-year consultation, the Primary Industries Ministerial Council has said it considered the views of scientists, stakeholders, and religious groups before making its decision.

Reporter: Justin Ellis

  1. Melina Tensen, RSPCA Scientific Officer for Farm Animals

Reporter: Justin Ellis

1. Rabbi Lawrence, Executive Council of Australia Jewry

Refugee advocacy groups are calling on the government to allow independent reviews for asylum seekers who have been given negative security assessments by ASIO. Security clearances are the final step before permanent residency is granted and they occur after a person is determined to be a refugee. Judicial reviews in the Federal or High Court are available for those who receive a negative security assessment. But refugee advocates don’t have faith in this process and believe that a more independent process is needed.

Reporter: Melissa Lahoud


1. Ian Rintoul – a spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition
2. Paul Power – CEO of the Refugee Council of Australia