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Radio Atticus Summer Edition: Thursday 6 January

On this week’s show we’re talking about rights:

  • Your right to privacy challenged by augmented reality,
  • What are you rights when it comes to S&M?, and
  • On brush with the law we speak to Jerry: does he have any rights over his neighbour’s fence?

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Radio Atticus Summer Edition: Thursday 16 December

Intoxication and the law – how does it work, and what’s at stake? Random breath testing for pedestrians: the push to take the breathalyzer off our roads and onto the footpath. And when an innocent night out, becomes an expensive brush with the law.

Radio Atticus: Thursday, 11 November

Is the family court a lawyer’s picnic? What to do about your neighbours’ aesthetic challenges, and the life and times of Australia’s first female high court justice. Read more »

Radio Atticus: Thursday, September 23

Double jeopardy laws under threat in Victoria, after the first anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in India, we talk to one of the lawyers that made it happen, and on Brush With the Law we speak to Jerry, a man who wants to know what his rights are when it comes to his fence.

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