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Radio Atticus, 2nd June 2011

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Designing social spaces as a form of crime prevention, we take a look at overcrowding and mental health issues in prison, and how do you prove a war crime? Are international criminal charges too broad for their own good?

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Radio Atticus 28th April 2011

Legal immunity for expert witnesses struck down in the courts of England, what does it mean for us? Federal immigration minister Chris Bowen’s calls to toughen up immigration laws. And South Australia’s suppression laws – the protection of identity versus open and transparent justice.

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Radio Atticus: Thursday, September 30

Journalist shield laws on the cards in federal parliament – but will they leave some reporters in the lurch? The ethics of euthanasia debated as laws to introduce it enter Australian parliaments. And are L-plate laws criminalising young migrants and disadvantaged people in NSW and Victoria?

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Radio Atticus: Thursday, September 16

Holiday surcharges back on the menu as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission slaps fines on cafes for breaking the law. Will TVs in the courtroom urge viewers to change channels? And we take a look at the latest legal firm on the block, The Salvation Army.

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