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Radio Atticus 12 May

Greater legal protections for children against violence, the national human rights framework one year on, and Forensic pathology: taking CSI out of the courtroom.

The Howard-era family law reforms are to be overhauled after three separate inquiries found they failed to protect children from violence. If passed, a proposed amendment will create a new definition of family violence that includes causing a family member to be fearful, even if this is not intended. While some believe the proposal doesn’t go far enough, fathers’ groups fear it will sabotage the system of shared parental responsibility.

Reporter Dana Macauley


  1. Brian Fisher, spokesman for the Family Law Reform Association.
  2. Freda Briggs, spokesperson for National Council for Children Post-Separation.

It’ been a year since the launch of the Australian Human Rights Framework; a Framework that was designed to promote and protect human rights in Australia. But is the framework serving its intended purpose, and are Australians gaining anything from it? Advocates of the framework are divided on its usefulness and where the human rights movement in Australia should take the issue from here. Two years ago, Australia’s federal parliament voted to establish a national security law watchdog. Its aim? To scrutinise and review Australia’s anti-terrorism legislation, and in the process, safeguard Australians’ civil rights.

Reporter Amarande Chauvet


  1. Alexander Ward, President of The Law Council of Australia.
  2. Tim Vines, a director of Civil Liberties Australia.

Just how much reality is there in the representation of forensic pathology in TV shows like CSI?

Reporter Justin Ellis


  1. Kendall Bailey, trainee forensic pathologist, NSW Department of Forensic Medicine

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Radio Atticus 5th May 2011

We talk to the Australian Law Reform Commission’s President about the organization’s funding cuts. How effective will Australia’s first national security legislation monitor really be? And was Osama bin Laden’s death a perversion of justice?

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Radio Atticus: Thursday, 4 November

Are suspended sentences a free ride for the convicted and a slap in the face for victims? And Radio Atticus talks to legal eagle media veteran Richard Ackland about suspended sentences and a whole host of other issues Read more »

Radio Atticus: Thursday, September 30

Journalist shield laws on the cards in federal parliament – but will they leave some reporters in the lurch? The ethics of euthanasia debated as laws to introduce it enter Australian parliaments. And are L-plate laws criminalising young migrants and disadvantaged people in NSW and Victoria?

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Radio Atticus: Thursday, September 2

The first civilian makes it onto the CIA hit list. Is the lack of clarity in occupational health and safety laws fueling a growing compensation culture? And goodbye Nauru and East Timor. The High Court challenge by asylum-seekers that has politicians worried about the legitimacy of off-shore processing.

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