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Radio Atticus 5th May 2011

We talk to the Australian Law Reform Commission’s President about the organization’s funding cuts. How effective will Australia’s first national security legislation monitor really be? And was Osama bin Laden’s death a perversion of justice?

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Radio Atticus 14 April 2011

Can juries really be relied upon to know what DNA evidence is all about?, Evidence of past offences to be considered in sentencing in South Australia, and law for kids: where can they go to find out their rights?

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Radio Atticus Summer Edition: Thursday 20 January

On the show this week, health and the law in some of its guises:

  • Calls for the law to put an end to Australia’s second biggest killer – cancer
  • What happened to the rights of the homeless in 2010?, and
  • Injuries on the sports field: are players sufficiently covered by the law?

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Radio Atticus Summer Edition: Thursday, 9 December

Sniffer dogs – salvation or intimidation? Commander Donna Adney of the Surry Hills police station gives us her views on sniffer dogs, and know your rights with the Young Lawyers. Read more »

Radio Atticus: Thursday, October 7

Renewed calls for abortion reform in Queensland, the law swings in favour of dispute resolution over litigation, and we speak to Pat about her solar panels in Brush With the Law.

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