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Radio Atticus 16 February 2012

Sexual apartheid – is the gay marriage push at the expense of choice? Family violence: how its defined and the Australian law Reform Commissions latest recommendations

Is the push for gay marriage obscuring the broader issue of abandoning   marriage as a state sanctioned institution? That’s the question being asked by activists across the globe as the same-sex marriage debate clouds the broader picture of relationships and what role the state should play in regulating them. With calls for what some have called a ‘civil pact’ that recognizes all long-term relationships, is the push for marriage stuck in the past?

Reporter: Justin Ellis


  1. Wayne Morgan, lecturer in law at the Australian National University.

The Gillard Government will have its hands full when implementing some of the changes recommended by a new Law Reform Commission report on family violence.  The report, launched in Parliament earlier this month by the Commonwealth Attorney General Nicola Roxon, looks at Commonwealth law and family violence. It follows an earlier report made in 2010 on the vast interactive space between state laws and the federal family law act.
Between them, the two reports contain 289 recommendations over a wide range of legislation. One of the recommendations is that a definition of family violence be introduced throughout family law legislation.

Reporter: Amarande Chauvet

1. Rosalind Croucher, President of the Australian Law Reform Commission.

Radio Atticus 18 August 2011

Calls for Ernie and Bert to marry as an anti-same marriage push takes off across the country and the the hairy side of the law: what’s to become of the legal wig?

Its been ruomored for years, and its still just that. A rumour. But a petition in the US is setting out to change all that. The producers of Sesame Street are being urged to bring Ernie and Bert into a legal union, to educate a new generation of children of the validity of gay relationships. In contrast to this rather benign plea for recognition of diversity overseas, at home we’re hearing a different kind of message on the same sex marriage front.

Reporter Justin Ellis


  1. Malcolm MacPherson, Australian Marriage Equality

It’s a 300 year-old tradition that is slowly going bald. Most courts in Australia such as the High Court and the Federal Court have completely let their hair down. And in England, a Chief Justice, Lord Phillips, has said he felt it made judges look out of touch. Yes, we’re talking about the tradition of legal wigs. The future of this noble tradition looks bleak. Yet most Australian Barristers think that keeping the curly horse hair pinned to their heads is the right way to go.

Reporter Amarande Chauvet


  1. Richard Douglas, President of the Bar Association of Queensland, 
  2. Simon Wilson, Q.C.

Radio Atticus 30 June 2011

Same-sex marriage has just been passed in New York State, but what’s the situation in the UK, children’s rights in South Africa: Agenda setting on paper, but how’s it working in practice? And conflict: what can you do when it’s tearing your community radio station apart?

The push for gay marriage is a movement of global proportions, and the most recent victory has been in New York State. The debate is still raging in Australia, as the Marriage Equality movement here continues to call for equal rights for gay and lesbian Australians, which surpasses the call for civil partnerships.Peter Tatchell is an Australian born, London based, gay and lesbian human rights veteran. He says legislation in the UK, where same-sex couples have the same rights as their straight counterparts, is still the equivalent of sexual apartheid. Radio Atticus caught up with him in Sydney earlier this year at the 2011 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras launch.

Reporter Justin Ellis


1. Peter Tatchell co-organiser of human rights group Outrage

Children in South Africa have some of the most rigorous human rights protections in the world. While agenda setting in many ways, how effective is legislation such as the 2010 Children’s Act, in protecting vulnerable children in South Africa? With over 23% of children in South Africa parentless, and many of these children so called AIDS orphans, is the situation in South Africa really one of first world legislation coupled with superstition and fear?

Reporter Justin Ellis

1. Darren Gough, Managing Director of the Institute of Youth Development, South Africa.

Conflict makes great news and current affairs, and can make for great radio.
But what do you do if conflict is tearing your community radio station apart?
With over half the enquiries received by the CBAA concerning internal disputes at member stations, the call for a formal dispute resolution system was finally met earlier this year. The CBAA has teamed up with IAMA, the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia to make it happen. Michael Kirby, former High Court Justice and former president of IAMA launched the initiative in Sydney.

Reporter Justin Ellis


1. Adrian Basso, CBAA President.


  • Same-sex marriage has just been passed in New York State, but what’s the situation in the UK
  • Children’s rights in South Africa: Agenda setting on paper, but how’s it working in practice?
  • And conflict: what can you do when it’s tearing your community radio station apart?

Radio Atticus: Thursday, 28 October

How the law can be an obstacle to public health, same-sex marriage in the States and in Australia – what’s the difference? And we speak to John Rolf, aka, the Daily Telegraph’s Public Defender. Read more »