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Radio Atticus 28 July 2011

We speak to our intellectual property and media law commentator Leanne O’Donnell on what’s happening in the Twitterverse, and Anthony Jucha checks in with the latest installment of Brush With the Law.

The Sydney Morning Herald wrote last week that “A magistrate has succeeded where many others have failed. He’s shut up Derryn Hinch”. The ABC chimed in with Human headline hit with home detention. This case and others are testing the parameters of what is enforceable with social media. How are the courts coping?

Reporter Justin Ellis


  1. Leanne O’Donnell, Radio Atticus intellectual property and media law commentator.

Is it really that easy to get divorced? Intrepid Radio Atticus reporter Anthony Jucha visits Kiama seaside market to find out.

Reporter Anthony Jucha

  1. Visitor at Kiama seaside market.


Radio Atticus 10 March

Renewed calls for a Bill of Rights in NSW, and Twitter defamation cases – we speak to Radio Atticus commentator Leanne O’Donnell about Courtney Love and what’s in store for indiscreet Tweeters.

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Radio Atticus 17 February

Civil liberties under threat with proposed access to Twitter accounts, and in a new era of multiculturalism, is tolerance in need of a rescue plan?

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Radio Atticus: Thursday, September 9

Counter terrorism laws suspend civil liberties in NSW. Brand damage versus defamation on social media: who’s really losing out? And when an innocent night out, becomes an expensive brush with the law

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